Can we meet up and discuss details?

Yes! Let’s Skype! Or Facetime….or Google Hangouts. If you want to meet via video chat, I’m available on most weekdays.
If you live in West MI, and you’d like to meet in person, let me know and we can schedule it!

Who chooses the music in the highlight films?

We choose the music for all of the wedding films we produce. Almost everybody has a favorite song that they’d like us to use in their video, and if you need a particular song to be in your video, then we’re not the right videographers for your wedding day. Our work is story based, with music woven throughout. We license all of the music in our films. Getting permission or licensing a piece of music from an independent artist ensures that you’re going to have a unique video, unlike anyone else’s.
Whatever your favorite song may be, it’s tied to another memory from some other point in your life. When you watch your wedding film, you’ll have a new song that will bring back all the emotions and memories from your wedding day.

How do you know which music/song fits us best?

I don’t. Not until we spend some time together on your wedding day. The music for a wedding film needs to suit, not just the both of you, but the feeling of the day, the location, and the ambiance. There’s a good chance that by the time you’re done watching your highlight video, you’re going to have a new favorite song you never knew existed. And you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing the artists that wrote the music for your highlights were directly compensated or credited for their work.

Do you use wireless mics?

We mic the groom and the officiant with digital audio recorders that pick up the vows. This doesn’t have the limitations of a wireless mic and provides the advantage of not interfering with other wireless mic systems that may already be in place.

Do we have to feed you at the reception?

Please do! After filming for 8-12 hours without eating or breaks, we get pretty hungry. And woozy. Mention the word “Anatidaephobia” when you contact us before you book, and we’ll hook you up with an extra DVD or Blu-ray for free.

Do you travel to _(insert city, state, country here)_?

Yes! We travel anywhere. We typically charge extra for a hotel stay when filming more than a few hours from home.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We can process any major credit card, checks, PayPal, or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Monero.