Traditional coverage with highlights. This is the most popular package.
I show up and start filming the bride getting hair and makeup done. Then I’ll leave to film the groom while he’s getting ready. Once we have the pre-ceremony footage we need, we begin setting up our equipment about an hour before your wedding ceremony starts, and stay for three hours of the reception
You receive documentary style edits of the ceremony and reception and a 3-5 minute highlight film.
 The Highlights – a short, 3-5 minute piece that tells the story at the heart of your wedding day, and designed to be shared on social media. The highlights are about the most amazing moments, beautifully shot.
Documentary Edits – if you have a ton of speeches or a ceremony where there are moments that you’d like to relive that don’t make the feature, we also offer basic films of these parts of the day in their entirety. We sync all cameras to the recorded sound, and make simple edits to make the films watchable, without the cinematic polish of the highlights.
How long are the videos? The length of your edited ceremony video depends on how long your ceremony is (a 25 minute ceremony translates to a 25-30 minute video), while your reception video is edited down from ~3 hours of footage to a 50-60 minute presentation. The raw footage from your day can be purchased separately.You will receive 3 DVD’s or Blu-ray Discs of the edited videos. Each disc will contain all three videos.


Here are some examples of edited ceremony and reception films: